According to a paper by food scientist Dr Aubrey Parsons,
who is also head of Research & Development at Nimue
Skin, South Africa, on average, vitamin E in skin comprised
87 per cent alpha tocopherol, nine per cent gamma-
tocopherol, three per cent gamma-tocotrienol and one
per cent alpha-tocotrienol. The low percentage of
tocotrienols in skin is probably due to the little amount
present in food we eat.

The good news is palm oil is rich ...
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Eggs are easily available everywhere and the ways you can cook eggs
and use them in food is simply quite amazing!

You can boil them, fry them, sizzle them,
steam them, or you can chop them up
for salads, mix them in dressings,
whip them up in cakes or you can
even eat them raw!

Here are some fun recipes to try
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enriched with Tocotrienols
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Carotenes (Pro-Vitamin A)
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