Feed formulated with Lactobacillus & Chitosan (AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY)


LKFresh Lovegg are produced by hens that receive a special diet and special treatment. They are fed rations having ingredients that were grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or hormones from the day of their birth. They receive no drugs or antibiotics other than the natural complex beneficial microbes, which is also called, Lactobacillus, to enhance their immune systems and digestive function. Chitosan supplement were also included in the feed.. It is a fibrous substance that have beneficial effects on the chickens gastrointestinal tract. Chitosan appears to reduce the absorption of bile acids or cholesterol; either of these effects may cause a lowering of blood cholesterol and improves liver fuctions.


Lovegg comes from happy healthy hens. we firmly believe the better we feed our animals the better the product. We want delicious, wholesome eggs. LKFresh Lovegg is indeed one of our “Superior Tasty” eggs.