Unique Low Cholesterol Egg with 25% Lower Cholesterols

The Uniqueness of LK Fresh Low Cholesterol Egg are:

• 25% Lower Cholesterol
• Enriched with Tocotrienols (Super vitamin E)
• Enriched with Carotenes (Pro-vitamin A)
• 100% Natural (without any artificial ingredients)
• Antibiotic Free

Containing all the natural goodness and nutrients of eggs, our Unique Low Cholesterol Eggs are also 25% lower cholesterols content than regular eggs.


It is enriched with natural tocotrienols (Super Vitamin E) and carotenes (Pro-Vitamin A), derived from palm oil. Hence, we don’t use antibiotic and artificial chemicals in our production, providing a much natural and healthier option.


These essential nutrients help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reverse arterial blockages among a host of other benefits.



Recommended for individuals who are on a low-cholesterol diet and suitable to be used as a part of nutritional meal menus of hospitals, nursing homes, childcare or sports facilities.